Reason why to not post Star Wars pictures on Instagram

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1 Star wars is not yours
While you read the reason it is actually true you don’t own the star wars in any way. You might have seen the movie but you are not owner it. Post stuff like pictures of star wars might be a bad way to get banned because of using things that are not originally your content.

2 Pictures attraction
While this has happened to me much time. Sometimes you post a picture of something or a movie and you get fan attacked after because you don’t know anything and you accidentally posted pictures of the movie you just watch. Since it is a movie and everybody has to share some sort of vision about you might be the one who got stuck in the fan base attack abuse in the way.

3 Don’t compare Two Stars
Well, this actually happened to me Since I got to like luke skywalker character more than any other character I actually bashed other characters in the movie and this got so many people in my followers list to bash like i was the someone that is doing wrong as hole. Trust me I had days worse but these were the days where i was getting constantly harassed because i accidentally said that luke skywalker is better than any other character.

4 Video clips
I posted a video of clip of something that wasn’t supposed to be there in the movie common mistakes some directors make and followers started pointing out that we are humans and we all can do mistakes. It felt like that online community is some kind of cult protecting star wars and they can start unfollowing, to stay at the same followers, you may need to buy real instagram followers.

5 Never compare you flying days with Star wars Dog fights
Well yes, my grandfather compared his flying days with star wars flying jets in that era. He bashed them how bad they look even for a space movie. Trust me I have never seen an old person this much bullied before. He got so much rage from the nagging followers that he even decided to quit his Instagram account once for all. He then also apologized from the fan base of star wars and then he decided never to bash anythings. Although that was a movie and he was an experience war fighter and pilot. He was in the total position to bash them but you know the old person should better stay of the new era internet property.

6 Never compare old movies to new one
Trust me don’t post pictures of comparing old movies to new one. You will be hearing followers comments about nagging that you are just a guy who started watching movies now and don’t know anything about the classics.

7 Never compare star wars and star trek
They both are different franchises both have their own fanbase never compare each other you might end up in the endless witness of fan wars trust me have been there and it is ugly. You can’t even take sides.

8 Don’t believe on theories about upcoming movies of star wars
Just don’t because they are stupid and they don’t actually come true what they do is mislead you from the actual direction of the movie

9 Star wars has an online cult
Yes, it is true there are people out there to defend the title.

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